What Coaches Can Learn about Retargeting from Product Companies

If your website and blog aren’t converting as you expected, you haven’t discovered retargeting ads yet. These simple strategies are proven to make website visitors more likely to convert by 70%. How might that boost your business?

3 Facebook retargeting ads examples that will help you boost business

Have you ever stopped to compare the number of visitors your website receives to the number of conversions (whether the conversion is another subscriber or an appointment made)? Most sites have less than a 5% conversion rate (according to MarketingSherpa, average conversion rates range from 2% to 10%) . Product companies that use a retargeting strategy through Facebook can explode through this conversion rate.

In this article, you’ll learn how retargeting works, how some product companies use retargeting ads, and three Facebook retargeting ad examples that you can use to boost your coaching business.

What are retargeting ads?

Retargeting ads is a strategy that helps you regain visitors that have been to your website or blog and left without taking the action you were hoping they would – for example, subscribing to your newsletter or signing up to an email course. The visitor has already shown an interest in your service – otherwise, they wouldn’t have visited your website. Retargeting enables you to prompt them to act.

How does retargeting work?

There are three keys to successful retargeting:

  • Technology
  • Segmentation
  • Content (the retargeting ad itself)

All three pieces of the puzzle interact continuously. In basic terms:

  1. Code is added to your website. This places a cookie on the computer of the person who has visited your website


  1. The code sends information to your Facebook account, telling it which pages have been visited by the visitor
  2. Your segmentation allows you to retarget those visitors on Facebook – perhaps because they visited a certain page and didn’t sign up to your newsletter
  3. You retarget the visitor by showing them an ad on Facebook specific to the page they visited on your website – it’s easier to sell to someone who is already interested

If you have ever wondered why you see ads about shoes, or wine, or books, or apartments, or any other manner of goods or services on Facebook after recently visiting a company’s website, the answer is that they are using a retargeting ads strategy.

Why do retargeting ads work on Facebook?

Retargeting on Facebook works for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Facebook has the highest number of users of any social media platform
  • It’s a dynamic and interactive platform
  • It works well on mobile devices
  • Retargeting ads are easy to operate on Facebook

The results are impressive, too. Here’s a few statistics that may whet your appetite to begin retargeting:

They are pretty compelling numbers. The question now is, how can you use retargeting on Facebook?

Facebook retargeting ads examples

There are three main Facebook retargeting ads strategies that can be employed:

  1. Content retargeting ads
  2. Lead generation retargeting ads
  3. Purchase retargeting ads

Here is the job that each does:

1.      Content retargeting ads

These are targeted at visitors and point them to a useful article or helpful blog on your website. You aren’t concerned about making a sale or gaining a subscriber, but rather about increasing awareness. This type of retargeting ad may be targeted at previous visitors to your website, perhaps whom have read a specific blog post and you think may be interested in complimentary content. The idea is to provide further proof that you are an authority in your subject, and that you have specific knowledge of the area in which the visitor is most interested – ideal for coaches targeting specific niches.

AppSumo uses this type of retargeting ads, helping to drive visitors back to its website to learn more about different apps and how it may help the visitor to solve their particular issue.

2.      Lead generation retargeting ads

If a visitor has visited a page on your website, a blog post or specific landing page, but did not click on the link to subscribe to your newsletter, a lead generation retargeting ad is designed to direct them to a similar page, offering them opportunity to subscribe and become a lead.

However, you should note that the offer must be of some value to them, perhaps helping them solve a problem or learning more about a subject area in which they have showed interest (for example, by a free-to-download eBook).

NatureBox, the healthy snack company, uses visually attractive lead generation retargeting ads on Facebook to tempt people that have left its site to think again. These often offer free trials to prompt sign-up – a great way to capture leads.

3.      Purchase retargeting ads

This retargeting ads strategy does exactly what it says on the tin: attempts to bring users back to a product page. These ads are often used by companies to tempt users who have either looked at a product or abandoned a shopping cart to reconsider their decision not to make a purchase.

This strategy is best used on existing customers who have already purchased, or subscribers who have yet to make a purchase.

If you have made a purchase online before, it’s likely that you received ads from the same company for similar or complimentary products. Such ads may have been accompanied by a discount voucher with a time limit attached – a great way to persuade someone who abandoned a shopping cart to go and complete the purchase.

Shouldn’t you be placing retargeting ads on Facebook?

The three strategies above are only the main retargeting strategies. There are, in fact, many derivations of these tactics. If you have been using Facebook ads and been disappointed by the response to your pay-per-click results, then employing retargeting strategies could change your mind about the strength of Facebook as a platform for generating leads and increasing business revenues.

Do you suffer from poor conversion rates from great visitor numbers? Let us know your biggest challenge when it comes to social media marketing in the comments below.

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