Simple Email Marketing Tactics Anyone Can Do

Give your sales a super boost by employing these five simple email marketing tactics as part of your content marketing strategy.

Start Boosting Your Marketing Results Today

Email marketing is one of the most powerful weapons that you have at your disposal. Used effectively, email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent. That’s a huge return on investment. All it takes to see a similar return is to employ a few simple email marketing tactics.

What is email marketing?

Before we look at the tactics you can start to use today, let’s get clear on what email marketing is.

The simplest definition of email marketing is using your email to promote your services and products. You can use email to help grow client loyalty, make your followers aware of special promotions and upgrades, or use it more subtly by keeping those on your email list aware of what’s going on in your world that may affect their world.

It has been said that video and social media will kick email marketing into touch, but that just isn’t happening – and for good reason. HubSpot recently published an astounding list of email marketing stats that include:

  • 35% of business professionals check email on a mobile device

  • 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months

  • 59% of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions

With around 5.6 billion active emails accounts worldwide, these stats build up to hugely powerful numbers. Are you salivating yet? You will be, after learning these five simple strategies for email marketing.

  1. Sign up for an email service

This should be your first step. Everything flows from using an email service like MailChimp, the gorilla of email marketing tools. You can start with a free plan, allowing you to get used to the system before trading up for more bandwidth as your email list grows.

The power of a fit-for-purpose email system is that you can automate your entire email marketing process. You can design emails and newsletters, set up autoresponders, deliver serial emails, process orders, send abandoned cart reminders, and more.

You’ve heard of one-stop shopping. An email marketing tool gives you one-click marketing.

  1. Grow your email list

There’s no point in doing email marketing if you don’t have a list of email contacts to market to, is there? Let’s get started with easy-to-implement email list building strategies. These include:

  • Providing relevant, interesting, informative, and entertaining content. The sort that makes the reader want to read more or learn more. 

  • How-to blogs that include links to more in-depth content that differentiates your content marketing, for example.

  • Using the power of your social media by creating posts that compel readers to visit links and subscribe to your list.

  • Always including a call to action in your content, preferably one that will urge the reader to contact via email.

  • Offer freebies, like eBooks or video tutorials. Not quite free, of course – you collect the recipient’s email address.

  1. Segment your email list

According to Campaign Monitor, marketers who segment their lists experience as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

What is segmentation? Quite simply, dividing your list into groups based on specific criteria. For example, one group of people who downloaded eBook ‘A’ and a second who downloaded eBook ‘B’.  

Now, your email marketing tool lets you direct targeted messages toward those two groups – increasing the relevancy of your emails, improving open rates, boosting click-through rates, and decreasing unsubscribes. The outcome is more conversions and an increasing list of warm leads.

  1. Personalize your emails

You can tell a marketing email a mile off. You can also tell a business that cares about its customers and clients. 

Consider the following email introductions:

  • “Dear valued customer, We have a few special offers available for the next 24 hours…”

  • Dear Brad, based on your recent purchases, we thought you’d like to know about today’s special offers…”

Which is more appealing? Which is most likely to get the recipient to read on and make a purchase? It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

The best part is that such personalization is easily executed via an email marketing system. Set it up, and let it run!

  1. Employ the 4 Rs - Review, Revise, Rinse, Repeat

As you send marketing emails, review your results. Take time to analyze the analytics, and figure out what is working. Then tweak your email campaigns. Use a different wording. Re-segment your lists. Personalize your emails more consciously. Then rinse and repeat.

Strategize your email marketing

The statistics show that you just cannot ignore email marketing. You could explode your sales, rocket your revenues, and develop an increasing list of loyal customers.

Getting email working for you does not have to be difficult. Put these five simple email marketing tactics into action, and watch your results shift. What’s stopping you? Take your first step to explosive email marketing by contacting BlabberJax today.

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