Email Marketing Leads That Convert

How do you make sure that your email marketing converts leads?

Email marketing is widely considered to be one of the most successful methods of marketing your business, whether you’re a B2B or a B2C company. But it’s a double-edged sword. If your email marketing campaign works, you can funnel plenty of new business in, but if it doesn’t, you’ve wasted time, effort and money creating it at best, and ending up in spam at worst.

So how do you make sure your email marketing converts leads? Here are our top five tips to increase conversions quickly and easily.

Start strong

It all starts with the subject line. If that doesn’t grab your lead’s attention, then it makes no difference how well your email is crafted – it’s not getting read, period. Once someone opens the email, they’re halfway to being converted already, so to go from lead to conversion, start with a good, clear and enticing, high converting email subject line.  Need help writing the perfect subject line?  Check out this article.

Action! Action! Action!

It’s something I say over and over – make it as easy as possible for people to spend their money with you. The same thing goes for email marketing: make it as easy as possible for them to sign up, buy now or take you up on your offer, and get them into your email sales funnel. Don’t bury your call to action in the final line of the email, put it right there at the beginning, in the header. And in the middle. And at the end. Throw in a floating button if you must – just make it quick and simple for someone to buy the second they’re convinced it’s a good idea.  

Make it worthwhile

Speaking of convincing them – make sure the content of your email is worth their time and energy. Hire a professional copywriter, make sure the content is interesting, useful, and creates value for your potential customer. Convince them that they need your product or service – that’s how to drive conversion!

Get personal

This does not mean “repeat their name twenty times during the email”! It does mean, make sure it’s relevant to them. If you’re doing a concentrated campaign, where each email is tailored to a specific potential client, you can get really detailed about their requirements, especially if you’ve done your research. However, we know that you will often use an email campaign template to send to multiple potential clients. Personalization is a little harder here, but you can still do it, by making sure you send targeted emails to certain specific demographic groups. The closer you hit to home, the more likely you are to successfully increase conversions for your email marketing campaign.

Don’t be spammy

Spam filters are constantly being upgraded and refined, so we’re not going to give you specific details on how to avoid ending up in the spam folder. This is research that’s worth doing every single time you’re planning an email campaign, and making sure that you aren’t sent to spam. This includes avoiding certain words, being very careful of the types of pictures you use, if any, and making sure your emails use correct spelling (yes, this can be a flag!). If you have any concerns whatsoever that your email might be spammy, test it here.

What email campaigns have grabbed your attention and convinced you to buy? Tell us in the comments below.

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