Best B2B Email Marketing Subject Lines

Finding the best b2b email marketing subject lines isn't easy, but this top 10 list will help you get there faster.

When you’re marketing to other businesses via email, what do you need to be keeping in mind regarding the subject line? Writing a great subject line is the first step in getting a higher rate of opened emails, leading to a higher click-through rate to your website and more sales.

Here are some tips for writing subject lines that will yield a great ROI!

Remember to include your recipient’s name in the subject line.

One of the best ways to attract someone’s attention is to address them directly by name. This is a common tactic, but it’s a reliable one—people will respond with regularity to their first names in a way that they might not to an otherwise equally-intriguing subject line. In fact, personalized emails are 22.2% more likely to be opened by the recipients.

Offer a numbered list.

This is a common bit of blogging wisdom, but it applies to emails as well. When you receive an email structured like a list (as opposed to checking out a list-form blog post) there’s a sense that you’re receiving a buffet of information meant exclusively for you. That’s powerful stuff. Advertising in the subject line that you sent someone a list of actionable insights and pieces of advice is sure to increase engagement.

Mention referrals.

This is similar to including someone’s name in the subject line, but instead you include the name of someone they know as a mutual contact. This holds the advantage of putting you in good standing due to your association with this person, while catching their attention with a personalized subject line.

Be relevant and stick to the ways that this email will help them.

Always think of the reader’s goals before you think of your own, and create content that will appeal to their desire to achieve these. Instead of putting your call to action in the subject line, offer to solve a problem for them or to increase an asset.

Reference current events or pop culture.

Showing in your subject line that you’re up-to-date on current events and pop culture not only inspires someone to open your email, but shows that you’re probably up-to-date on industry news as well.

Use statistics.

Subject lines with hard numbers have an open rate of 53.2%. Doesn’t that number make you want to learn more about how to achieve such a concrete benefit? Using numbers in your subject line proves to readers that you have something to offer them.

Take a light-hearted approach.

Humor not only adds interest, but creates a sense of humanity for your business. It implies that a real relationship could form between sender and recipient, and that goes to the core of what people desire when they deal with a company. They don’t want to buy from a faceless corporate entity, so prove that you’re not one.

Make the subject line intriguing.

This takes a subtle touch—you need to give enough information that readers are interested, while still holding enough back that they open the email to find out more. While it may be tough to perfect, it can be fun to come up with wacky and/or mysterious subject lines that will pique the interest of their recipients!

Be snappy!

Your subject line should be concise enough that it’s easy to read on mobile devices. The number of professionals checking email primarily on their phones is skyrocketing, and you need to have subject lines that don’t get lost on smaller screens.

The real key: AB testing.

The truth is that no list can tell you exactly what your customers want—only your customers can. Let them have a voice by comparing one subject line to another and then using that information to your advantage. If one subject line gets more clicks than another, you’re onto something.

Never stop testing! Needs and wants change over time, so to keep abreast with the culture of your industry you need to make sure that you’re always on top of movements and trends.

What B2B email subject lines are you going to use? Let us know in the comments below!

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