20 Email Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow

Here’s our roundup of the 20 best email marketing blogs

Want to be on top of the email marketing game? Then you need to follow the experts in the field. Here’s our roundup of the best email marketing blogs you should follow in 2018.

1 - Blabberjax

Okay, maybe we shouldn't put ourselves first but it is our list!  Truly though, to stay on top of email marketing, social media, SEO and content marketing, follow us for the latest info and tips!

2 - MailChimp

One of the most popular email marketing automation platforms available, MailChimp are the experts. Follow their blog for great tips and interesting interviews.

3 - KissMetrics

With content from some of the industry’s best-known and respected experts, you’re going to get solid, reliable information here.

4 - Litmus

While you’re testing and tracking your campaigns with Litmus’s analytics tools, get info on maximizing your campaigns on their blog.

5 - CopyBlogger

With regular updates and up-to-date information, this marketing blog is a one-stop-shop for your marketing blogging needs.

6 - Campaign Monitor

Get the best tips for creating email campaigns that sell and plan your entire strategy on their platform. The blog covers everything you need to know about email marketing.

7 - Kickbox

While you’re verifying your email address lists with Kickbox’s tools, enjoy a well-written blog that helps you make your campaigns as deliverable as possible.

8 - Really Good Emails

It’s there in the name. These guys know what they’re doing, and they have fun while they’re doing it. An informative, and highly entertaining, blog.

9 - Silverpop

Silverpop's parent company, IBM, is synonymous with computing excellence, and this cloud-based marketing automation platform’s informative blog doesn’t disappoint.

10 - Emailcenter

The perfect blog for newcomers to the world of email marketing, Emailcenter is the ultimate guide for those wanting to learn everything from scratch.

11 - Spark Post

Targeted at those with at least a bit of basic email marketing knowledge, Spark Post will take you right through to advanced level with their detailed blog.

12 - HubSpot

Right up there among the best-known experts in marketing, HubSpot’s blog is a must-read for all marketers.

13 - ActiveCampaign

Get weekly updates on the latest trends and news in email marketing, as well as some great tips and advice.

14 - Omnisend

If you need a good e-commerce marketing tool along with a solid platform for advice, thought leadership and tips, Omnisend is a must-follow blog.

15 - Sendlane

From those new to email marketing to those who consider themselves experts, Sendlane is a great all-round information blog, attached to a platform designed by marketers, for marketers.

16 - Email Monks

If you need responsive email templates and HTML coding, email Monks are your guys. The blog is informative, interesting and regular.

17 - MailerMailer

Targeting small and medium-sized businesses, MailerMailer provide email marketing solutions as well as an excellently written and easily digestible blog.

18 - Ben Settle

Settle is a leading email marketing expert, and his blog on the subject is full of expert insights, as well as great tips for increasing ROI and sales.

19 - Delivra

Delivera’s email marketing blog takes you through everything you need to know about this powerful marketing tool.

20 - Striata

A blog written by the experts for anyone who wants to use email marketing to get their business moving.

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